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australian cctv (vss) standards

In 2020 the analogue standards below were replaced by the digital IEC standards series IEC 62676 and are on the Standards Australia website as the AS/NZS 62676 series. They are the most up to date CCTV standards available in the world today and cover the latest CCTV technologies and procedures. The new digital standards will soon appear on this website.

It should be noted that CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is now known as VSS (Video Surveillance Systems).

management and operation

AS 4806.1–2006–Closed circuit television (CCTV)–Part 1: Management and operation.

Management and operation includes chapters on; principals and management of the CCTV system, procedures, personnel, CCTV control room, effective response, privacy and disclosure issues, recorded material management, documentation, licences and CCTV signage. There are appendices on staff recruitment and selection and a summary of current Australian Legislation for all states and territories.

application guidelines

AS 4806.2–2006–Closed circuit television (CCTV)–Part 2: Application guidelines.

Application guidelines includes chapters on, general CCTV considerations, system design criteria, objective test plan, installation, commissioning and handover, preventative maintenance, licences and signage. There are appendices on abbreviations and terminology, objective testing techniques, objective tests and measurements using a test chart, objective tests and measurements using a test pattern generator and test targets.

pal signal timings and levels

AS 4806.3–2006–Closed circuit television (CCTV)–Part 3: PAL signal timings and levels.

PAL signal timings and levels includes video signal timings from the Australian Broadcasting and Media Authority Technical Planning Guidelines and video signal level variables for CCTV systems which have been determined from many tests over many years.

remote video

AS 4806.4–2008–Closed circuit television (CCTV)–Part 4: Remote video.

This Standard sets out requirements and recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, operation and remote monitoring of the following:
(a) Remotely monitored detector-activated alarm verification CCTV systems.
(b) Remotely monitored interactive video management CCTV systems.
(c) Remotely monitored CCTV surveillance systems.
Also includes:
1–Standards and legislation relevant to systems and equipment are listed in Appendix A.
2–Information on choice of technology is given in Appendix B.

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The CCTV standards listed above can be purchased from SAI Global in PDF or hardcopy formats. Just follow this link, set publisher to AS and type CCTV into the search window.
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